Core Activity 3

The Wiggle Bug

Mode: Movement

Time: 10 min

What does it mean to be infected? 

An infection means that something that isn’t supposed to be in your body is in there.  


Different infections cause different reactions (we call these symptoms).  


If you fall down and scrape your knee, and you don’t keep the scrape clean, it could get infected. The infection on your knee might turn red or get swollen.

Not everyone gets the same symptoms, but there's usually a pattern. A lot of people with COVID-19 (the sickness caused by the coronavirus) get a cough or a fever.


Have you ever gotten sick before? How did you know you were sick?


Some infections, like the coronavirus, can pass from one person to another. So if one person has a cough, and they pass the virus to another person, that person might start coughing, too.      

What does it mean to be infected? 

Activity: The Wiggle Bug

What You Need

NOTHING! (but music could be fun)


This is a good activity to do with all the people stuck inside with you. 

How To Play

Let’s show what it looks like to pass the bug!


1. Clear a big space and move anything easily breakable away. 


2. Gather your players--everyone in the house!


The first wiggle bug:


3. One grown-up starts the game: Make up a movement--something easy to copy, like wiggling your hips, and as you move, say “I’ve got the Wiggle Bug!

4. Now everyone else, try to stay away from the Wiggle Bug as it tries to catch everyone in the family.

5. When the wiggle bug touches someone else, that person should start wiggling too. All of the wigglers can now catch other members of the family until the whole group is wiggling.


6. Wiggle around the room! Count to 10 and then someone new is the Wiggle Bug.


The new wiggle bug


7. The new Wiggle Bug has to make up a new move (disco arms, jazz hands, hula dancing are all good options). 

8. Once everyone has had a turn to be the Wiggle Bug, turn on a favorite song and dance along. When the song is over the game is over!

Adults' turn to have fun: Put something sparkly on, flicker the lights and have a dance party. New York's Hottest club is your living room, where the carpet is plush, the toys are everywhere, and there's no one watching.

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