Core Activity 1

The virus jumps!

Mode: Movement

Time: 5 min

Why are we all stuck inside?

Are you wondering why we’re all staying inside all the time?  


All your friends are inside with their families, too.    


People all around the world are staying inside their houses.  


We’re staying inside to stay far away from other people to help stop the spread of coronavirus. 


It's a bummer! But the virus passes from one person to another--usually hidden in a cough or a sneeze. So the safest thing we can do is keep our distance. 

Why are we all stuck inside?

Why are we all stuck inside?

Activity: The virus "jumps"!

What You Need

1 grown up and 1 kid


1 ball 

How To Play

1.  Stand right in front of each other, with the grown-up holding the ball


2. Pass the ball back and forth -- it’s easy right?!

3. Count how many times you can pass it back and forth

4. After 2 (or however many times is fun), take a step back away from each other

5. Now pass the ball again -- is it still easy?

6. Keep taking steps back and passing the ball

7. Once you’re so far away you can’t pass it successfully, you’ve answered the question!

This is why we want to stay away from each other. If someone has the virus, it can jump from them to someone else near them. The farther away we are from each other, the harder it is for the virus to reach us. 

Adults' turn to have fun: Was the virus jumps too easy? Channel your inner college student and set up some plastic cups across from each other (Google, beer pong, if this is totally foreign to you). Start with the cups close together and try to get a ball in the cup. Move them farther and farther away as you make the shot. Yes, you can play this with your kids--they don't know the debaucherous version yet. For inspiration on what to put in your cups, check out Activity 6, Lemonade Laboratory.

Parental guidance: After you’ve finished the ball exercise, encourage your kid to jump like a virus.  Put a piece of tape on the floor and see how far each member of the family can jump. Repeat each day! 

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