Core Activity 7

Sock puppet expert!

Mode: Imagination

Time: 15 min

What do YOU know about the coronavirus?

Grown-ups, we’re turning this around and letting your kid be the expert for once! 


This activity is an opportunity for your kid to tell you everything they’ve learned about the coronavirus. 


It can also be an opportunity for you to learn more about what your kid is thinking and feeling.

What do YOU know about the coronavirus?

Activity: Sock Puppet Expert

What You Need

One old sock per participant

Items to decorate--buttons, glue, yarn, or stickers if your kid won’t freak out when they come unstuck

How To Play

1. Lay out your socks 


2. Decorate them however you’d like.  Name them! Then put them on your hands and start talking!


3. The grown-up can kick it off. Use a funny voice, and play it up! Ask “Why are we all stuck inside?”


4. Follow the conversation from there. Think like a kid. Ask your kid follow-up questions they might ask, like “is the virus big or small?” “Then why can’t I see it?”


5. See what they say. Are  you impressed with what they’ve learned? Tell them so!

Adults' turn to have fun: Recreate your favorite music video with lip syncing sock puppets. Bonus points for deep cuts like Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys but Elsa from Frozen works too. (Tip: the Tik Tok App makes this easy to create)

Parental guidance: Level up! Introduce your sock to friends on a video call! Does a third puppet get decorated? As the virus or as a doctor, perhaps?

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