Core Activity 6

Lemonade Laboratory

Mode: Experimentation

Time: 15 min

How do you cure the coronavirus?

It takes a lot of research to figure out how to make the right medicine to cure sicknesses like the coronavirus. 


Sometimes the ingredients are everyday things like mold on bread. Sometimes they’re exotic plants found deep in the rainforest.


Scientists around the world are working in their labs to make different medicines. When they think they have a good idea, they give them to sick people to test if they get better.

How do you cure the coronavirus?

Activity: Lemonade Laboratory

What You Need

Aprons or white button-down shirts for “lab coats” 

3-4 lemons (½ cup)

A juicer, if you have one (otherwise your kid will enjoy squeezing by hand!)

Water (3 cups)

Sugar (½ cup)

How To Play

1. Let’s pretend we’re scientists and put on our lab coats, like the ones working on the cure for the Coronavirus. We’re going to test out making lemonade to see what’s it’s like to do an experiment. 


2. Squeeze all the lemons into a glass

  • Measure out ½ a cup of lemon juice

  • Take a spoon and taste the lemon juice -- how does it taste? Do you think we should include something else to make it taste better?


3. How about some water?

  • Add 3 cups of water to the ½ cup of lemon juice--let your kid measure and pour!

  • Does it taste different? Does it taste like lemonade?

4. Now, finally, the magic ingredient--sugar!

  • Add ½ cup sugar to the liquid

  • Stir and stir and stir

  • Now let’s taste it! How does that taste? 

Keep tweaking the recipe until you think it’s perfect!

Adults' turn to have fun: Two shots of vodka should mix in quite nicely for the grown-up version of this potion. For those missing the finer things in their confinement, make a fancy cocktail, give it a clever name, and share to inspire us! See Activity 1's "Adults' turn to have fun" to find more inspiration on how to use your drink!

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