Core Activity 5

Coronavirus Olympics

Mode: Movement

Time: 30 min

Why  did ___ get canceled? 

I know you’re disappointed that ___ got canceled. It was canceled because we’re all stuck inside and can’t meet up to play.


A lot of people around the world are disappointed that things they were excited about got canceled because of the coronavirus. 


One big thing that got canceled is the Olympics. 


The Olympics happens every 4 years. People from all different countries come together to play sports and games. People practice a lot to be in the Olympics. They must be very disappointed that the Olympics are not going to happen this year.

Why did ___ get canceled?

Activity: Coronavirus Olympics

What You Need:


Books (a.k.a. weights)

Pillows (a.k.a. hurdles)

Tape (a.k.a. balance beam)

Pot lid (a.k.a. a target)

How To Play

Create Olympics events in your living room. Embellish based on what you know your kid or family likes. Here are a few to start with:

Track and Field


1. Lift your knees up high, one at a time, and FAST! How many times can you lift your knees in 30 seconds? I'm setting a timer... GO!

2. Place a small object on the floor. Have your kid jump back and forth over the object. How many times can you jump and forth in 30 seconds. Go!



3. Make a target by learning a pot lid against the wall. Take turns rolling a ball toward the target from across the room. See who comes the closest!



4. Make a "balance beam" using a piece of tape, toy train tracks, or something else. Have the kids walk along, jump on one foot, and lift their legs up high as they balance! 

5. Help your kid do handstands against the wall. Time how long they can stay up without your help. 

Adults' turn to have fun: Turn your favorite (or least favorite) workout into an olympic event. Like burpees, squats, or jumping jacks... Maybe your kid will motivate you to get moving again. Inspire others by sharing a video of your competition, so that we all don't gain the COVID 15 (pounds).

Parental guidance: Use your imagination! How can you adapt your favorite sport for your living room?

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