Core Activity 2

Corona Crown 

Mode: Art

Time: 20 min

What is the coronavirus? 

Coronavirus is a new kind of germ that is traveling around the world and making people sick.  Can you say coronavirus?  


Here's a hint. It's 2 words put together: Corona (which means crown in Spanish) and Virus (a type of germ that's tough to stop and causes the cold and flu).  


A germ is something that is reeeeeally tiny, but it can make people feel very sick. 

The coronavirus has its name because when you look through a microscope, the germ has spikes that make it look like a crown, or corona. 

Why are we all stuck inside?

What is the coronavirus?

Activity: A corona crown

What You Need

Two pieces of paper



Crayons or markers


Stickers/other decorations


Tape or glue 

How To Play

1. Design and cut out your corona crown. Use our crown pattern below as a guide, or make your own similar design.

2. Decorate your corona crown in Spanish! Use some crayons or stickers to decorate your corona crown with jewels, shapes, and lots of different colors.  


3. Practice saying the colors of your corona crown in Spanish:


Gold = Dorado (Doh-rah-doh)

Blue = Azul (Ah-sool)

Green = Verde (Vehr-day)

Red = Rojo (Roh-hoh)

Yellow = Amarillo (Ah-mah-ree-yoh) 

Purple = Morado (Moh-rah-doh)

Pink = Rosado (Roh-sah-doh)

Adults' turn to have fun: Make your own Corona Crown and wear it in on your next video conference call. Break the ice by giving your best royal impersonation (living or deceased, fictional or real) and embody the character. We could all use a little glamour in our day-to-day and bonus if you keep the act going the whole call!

Basic Crown Template

Advanced scissor skills Template

Keep the fun going!

  • Design corona crowns for all the members of your family

  • Practice the colors in Spanish around the house

  • Pretend to be a favorite character who wears a crown

  • Socialize from a distance: Now your kid knows about the spiky, spooky coronavirus. Take a photo of your kid and their best scary face. tag @whyareweallstuckinside #coronacrown Halloween 2020 done. #UnrealisticProductivityGoals

Parental guidance: If your kid doesn’t know what a microscope is, use a camera’s zoom function or binoculars to show them how different types of machines can help you see things bigger and smaller.

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