Why are we all stuck inside?

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Why can I still see some people outside?

While some of us can work from home or stay safe inside, our neighbors have really important jobs that mean they have to leave.  


Some examples: Doctors and nurses have to go to the hospital to help people get better.


Police officers have to keep the streets safe and in some places their job is even to make sure people stay inside.  


Supermarket cashiers have to make sure that everyone can get food to eat at home.   Who else needs to go outside to do their jobs? 

Activity: Coronabadge

Mode: Art

Time: 30 min


Why can I see still see some people outside?

7. Coronabadge

What You Need






How To Play

Have you seen the badges that policemen wear? They help us know who they are.  Sometimes, people get badges when they do a good job at something  


(Use an example your child might be familiar with, like scouting, the military, or a sticker they might get at school for a good deed)

We’re going to make badges for those people that have to keep going to work every day. Who are some of those people?


  • Doctors, Nurses, Policy officers, Truck drivers...


1.   Help your child cut out small shapes as badges.

2.   Draw and decorate the badge for people who are doing important jobs


Educational moment: Help your child think through why some jobs are essential. What are these people doing?


3.   Make badges for people in your home, including the things they are good at. For example, Dad might get a tomato badge for his cooking skills.


4.   Use tape to attach the badges to the people in your household.


These badges can be gifts for anyone, or they can be used in your next role-playing

Grown-ups, you can add your job to the list too--we know it's important!

What can our family do to help with the Coronavirus? 

The best thing we can do is stay at home until the people in charge tell us it’s ok to go back outside again.


That way the people who still have to be outside don’t get sick. 


But there are still ways for us to be helpful heroes.  

What are some ways that we can all be helpful heroes?

Activity: Helpful Heroes

Mode: Art

Time: 20 min of crafting, plus playtime


What can our family do to help with the Coronavirus?

8. Helpful Heroes

What You Need

A largecloth (~3 feet square) or a crib sheet. Even a towel could work!

Safety pins or needle and thread if you’re making a permanent cape

How To Play

Let's be superheroes today!


1.  What do superheroes have in common?

2. They wear a belt!

3. They wear their underwear outside of their pants! (Don't worry, nobody is going to see us today)

4. They have a CAPE!! Let's make one!


Follow instructions below to make a cape.


5. Once your cape is ready to go, talk about what your imaginary and real-life super powers might be.​ Super-cuddler? Super pancake maker?

~6 in/ 15 cm

safety pins

pins to prevent tripping

1. Lay out fabric

2. Fold

3. Make sleeves

4. Adjust to size

In our house, everyone knows that superheroes don't whine!

What’s going on outside? 

Even though we’re stuck inside most of the time, there’s still a lot going on outside.


Are animals and plants staying inside? Of course not, they live outside! The coronavirus doesn’t affect them.


Some people are walking outside: what are they doing? Where are they going? 


Are cars passing by? 


Let’s take a look to see what’s going on out there!

Activity: Bingo on the window

Mode: Imagination

Time: 5-7 min


What's going on outside?

9. Bingo on the window

What You Need

Windows with panes (or masking tape to make sections)

Post-its or dry erase markers

How To Play

1. Find a window where your kid can look out


[If there are panes, great! If not, use the tape to

make panes or sections on your window.]

2. What types of things are passing by your window? 

Cars? Birds? The color yellow?

3. Pick a few items to be part of your Bingo on the Window--make them relevant to your neighborhood.

4. Now set a timer for 1-3 minutes looking outside the window. 

Each time one of your assigned items shows up in one of your Bingo boxes, add a post-it or draw a mark on the window. 


5. See how many marks you can get before the timer goes off!


6. You can play multiple rounds at different times of day. What’s going on out there? Is it different than this morning or last night? How many dogs did we see?

7. Level-up! When you’re ready to reset the categories, teach your kid how to wash the window, so they can see even more next time!

What kind of bingo do you want to play? 

Temper tantrums per room?

Spills by color?

Make your own bingo board!

Parental guidance: Another way to play this game is to cover the pane with sudsy soap instead of "checking it off" and then wiping off all the soap suds once the game is complete.

Why  did ___ get canceled? 

I know you’re disappointed that ___ got canceled. It was canceled because we’re all stuck inside and can’t meet up to play.


A lot of people around the world are disappointed that things they were excited about got canceled because of the coronavirus. 


One big thing that got canceled is the Olympics. 


The Olympics happens every 4 years. People from all different countries come together to play sports and games. People practice a lot to be in the Olympics. They must be very disappointed that the Olympics are not going to happen this year.

Activity: Coronavirus Olympics

Mode: Movement

Time: 30 min


Why did ___ get canceled?

10. Coronavirus Olympics

What You Need:


Books (a.k.a. weights)

Pillows (a.k.a. hurdles)

Tape (a.k.a. balance beam)

Pot lid (a.k.a. a target)

How To Play

Create Olympics events in your living room. Embellish based on what you know your kid or family likes. Here are a few to start with:

Track and Field


1. Lift your knees up high, one at a time, and FAST! How many times can you lift your knees in 30 seconds? I'm setting a timer... GO!

2. Place a small object on the floor. Have your kid jump back and forth over the object. How many times can you jump and forth in 30 seconds. Go!



3. Make a target by learning a pot lid against the wall. Take turns rolling a ball toward the target from across the room. See who comes the closest!



4. Make a "balance beam" using a piece of tape, toy train tracks, or something else. Have the kids walk along, jump on one foot, and lift their legs up high as they balance! 

5. Help your kid do handstands against the wall. Time how long they can stay up without your help. 

Parental guidance: Use your imagination! How can you adapt your favorite sport for your living room?

Grown-ups, this should make them go down easier at naptime!

Is there anything GOOD about the coronavirus? 

It’s always nice to look on the bright side!  It’s fun to hang out with our family, don’t you think? I’m having fun spending more time with you!


When we have fewer people to visit and fewer places to go, we can focus better on things. 


Another thing that’s happening is that while humans are staying in their houses, nature is finding places to grow where it usually doesn’t have space.


Looking out the window, can you see or hear any ways that nature is finding space? Is spring coming? Are plants or leaves growing?


Can you focus better on the birds chirping when you don’t hear lots of cars going by? 

Activity: Grow a plant

Mode: Experimentation

Time: 10 min + daily monitoring

Grown-ups, do your best to sound sincere here!


Is there anything GOOD about the coronavirus?

11. Grow a plant

What You Need

Clear cup or bowl

Piece of tape



A vegetable clipping

  • Base of celery, fennel bulb, head of lettuce, or green onions (with roots) 

  • The top of turnip, parsnip, or beet

  • 1-3 stems of cilantro, basil, parsley

How To Play

1. Pick your vegetable clipping

2. Find a clear cup or bowl that will hold your clipping and fill it with water

  • Celery, Fennel, Green Onions, Beets, Turnips, Parsnips and Lettuce should all be covered with water

  • The Cilantro, Basil, or Parsley should sit in water but their leaves should stay dry

3. Mark where the water line is with tape or a marker

4. Have your kid practice their letters by making a label for your plant. 

5. Place your cup or bowl in a sunny place

6. Let's check on it everyday

  • Did the plant grow?

  • Did the water disappear? Where did it go?

  • Add water to replace what was absorbed

7. Once it's ready, cook something together using what you grew!

While the coronavirus is happening outside and we're all stuck inside, things are still growing!

Is the coronavirus all over the world? 

Yeah! They have it in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa… 


But not yet in Antarctica! It’s hard for people to get it all the way down there.


Do you know where all these places are? 


It spread because so many people love to visit new places!


Do you remember the last time you visited a new place? 


We can’t go anywhere new right now, so let’s take a trip around our home!

Activity: Souvenir relay

Mode: Movement

Time: 15 min


Is the coronavirus all over the world?

12. Souvenir relay

What You Need

3-5 “Souvenirs” - could be real souvenirs from past trips, stuffed animals, toys


Obstacles for your kid:

Pillows to jump over

Tables to crawl under

A line of tape to walk along (maybe in a zig zag?)

How To Play

1. Put 1 souvenir in each room. Each room is a place you’ve visited. 


2. Design an obstacle course with your kid. Walk through it, make sure they understand what they’re supposed to do at each step. 


3. Practice it with them!


4. Add obstacles to jump over or tables to crawl under to make it a bit more challenging (and last longer). 


5. Now from the starting line, the kid is going to race and pick up 1 souvenir at a time and bring it back. Keep going until all the souvenirs are back with the grown-up. Once they’re all in one place, it’s time to take the souvenirs back to where they came from. Again one at a time!


6. Use a stopwatch, see if your kid can get faster and faster! 

When you travel, you bring things home with you. Some people brought the coronavirus with them when they traveled, and that's how it spread around the world.

Parental guidance: Another answer to this question could be to have themed dinners based on countries you know the coronavirus has visited.

If you figure out how to make a relay last indefinitely, share your secrets with us and we will bow down to you!

I'm bored! Can I have a new toy?

Staying inside is kind of like going on an adventure.  You have to think ahead and plan for what you need, like food, clothes, or toys.


We can have adventures inside without having to buy new things. 


How about if we make a new space for you to have an adventure?

Activity: Build a fort

Mode: Imagination

Time: 15 min + playtime


I'm bored! Can I have a new toy?

13. Build a fort

What You Need




Whatever your kid “needs”

How To Play

1. Do you want a place all your own to hang out? Let’s make a fort!

2. Wherever you can give your little kid a place to hang-out and play, use some chairs as structures and drape some blankets over top. Add comfort and ambiance with pillows, decorations, etc.

3. What do you want to keep with you?

  • What are your favorite snacks?

  • What toys do you want in your fort?

  • Do you want some books?

  • How about a change of clothes?

4. Once your kid is in the fort, let them tell you the rules...

  • What are the rules of the fort?

  • Am I allowed inside? Why?

Sometimes just having your own space can be an adventure.  You don't always need new things for things to feel new.

Parental guidance: Maybe the fort can become a hospital?

That's all for now!

Keep repeating these activities until you’re allowed to go back outside! Any great inspiration for new activities or questions we haven’t answered, please send them our way on Instagram @whyareweallstuckinside or to whyareweallstuckinside@gmail.com! Tag us in your photos and share our kit with your friends.

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