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Why are we all stuck inside?


Keeping people healthy

Where do people go when they get sick? 

If someone gets very sick with the coronavirus, they will go to the hospital.


Have you ever been to a hospital?  What are the things you can find in a hospital?


There are doctors and nurses.

There are chairs and beds for people to be in while they are getting better.


There might be chairs, sinks, medicines, and masks. What else do you think you’d find at a hospital?

Activity: Hospital design

Mode: Art

Time: 15 min


Where do people go when they get sick?

14. Hospital design

What You Need

Drawing supplies (paper + crayons/markers or paints)

How To Play

You’re going to be drawing lots of different parts of the hospital. These are some suggestions--but you can let  your kid take the lead. Aim for 3-5 drawings before they run out of steam.

1. Let’s draw the outside of your hospital. What do you think a hospital looks like? Is it a big or a small building? Why? Does it have windows?


2. Now (new piece of paper), let’s draw the inside of your hospital. What’s the first thing that happens when you  go to the hospital? 

  • Maybe it’s the waiting room. Draw who you think is in the waiting room. Why do you think they came to the hospital?

3. (New piece of paper) Who works in the hospital? What do they use?

  • Doctors, Nurses, Receptionists, Janitors, Cafeteria workers

  • You’ve been to the doctor. What does the doctor have? A thermometer? Band-aids? That thing they wear around their neck? (That’s a stethoscope, it’s to listen to your heart)

4. Does your hospital have beds? Why? What else does it have? Why?

How can we help the sick people get better?

One thing that the people in charge are doing is making sure that things are in the right place where they can get used for the right things.

For example, hospital need medicines and masks. Factories need materials, like plastic, to make the masks.

This is just like our house. All the things in the house need to be in the right place so that when we need to use them, they are there for us. 

Imagine if all your blocks were on the top shelf in the kitchen. How could you play with them?

Or if the cheese was in the bathtub! What would we do when we wanted to make a grilled cheese? What would happen if you tried to take a bath?

Activity: Supply chain hustle

Mode: Imagination

Time: 15 min


How can we help the sick people get better?

15. Supply chain hustle

What You Need

Groceries or something else that needs to be put away (toys, laundry...)

How To Play

1. Set the grocery bags on the counter.


2. Go through the groceries and think of some silly ideas:

  • “What do you think would happen if you put the eggs in the dishwasher?” 

  • “What if you were on the potty, but the toilet paper was in the sock drawer?”  

3. As you play the pretend grocery game, have the kid take the lead on finding the right place for everything in the bags.

4. Keep it going with positive reinforcement when things are in the right place!

  • “These onions are right next to the chopping board.  It makes it faster for me to cook dinner.” 

  • “Oh, good thing your teddy is already waiting for you next to your pillow. Imagine if he were under the couch!”

Parental guidance: No, we don't think your kid will fall for this trick hook, line and sinker.  But all our testers played along for at least a few minutes!

If this one’s a hit, congrats, you’ve achieved the highest order of parental achievement: kid-driven organization!

Why is the coronavirus dangerous?

Many people catch the coronavirus and they’re just fine.  But some people have to go to the hospital.  


At the hospital, doctors and nurses help people who are sick to get better.


Doctors and nurses use things like band-aids, medicines, and special machines to help people feel better.


If too many people have the same sickness, like coronavirus, doctors and nurses might run out of the things they need to help people get better.

Activity: Cure the toys!

Mode: Cleaning

Time: 15 min


Why is the Coronavirus dangerous?

16. Cure the toys!

What You Need

Toys--plastic is best, because you’re going to wash them!

A bucket, sink or bathtub

Soap and water

A sponge or washcloth

A towel

How To Play

1. Bathtime is a good time for this activity. 


2. Let’s imagine some of your toys have the coronavirus!  

3. This bucket (sink/bathtub) can be the hospital, and you can be the doctor. 

4. Why don’t you go get some of your toys? How can we get the virus off your toys? 

5. Give your kid the soap and washcloth. Show them how to clean the “virus” off all their toys. Give them the toys one or two at a time at first, and then give them a lot of toys at once to clean.  


6. Make it silly! If it's a mess, it's a clean mess.  But make sure to “cure” all the toys.


7. When you’re done “curing” all the toys, ask what to do next. See what your kid says. 

8. Lay them out on a towel to “rest and recuperate”/dry. 

When you had just a few toys to cure, what was it like? 

When your hospital started filling up, what was that like? 

What if you ran out of soap, or water? How would you cure all the toys? 


This is what it’s like when too many people have the coronavirus.  It’s too hard for the hospital to cure them all at the same time! So it's important we all do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

Parental guidance: Remember that if this gets messy, all you have to do is wipe up some soap & water.  Let your kid get a little bit crazy and blow off some steam!

Parallel play: Now’s a good time for a facemask.  Get that virus out of your pores, grown-ups!

Why are we washing our hands so much? 

Another way to get the coronavirus is if you touch a place where there’s a little bit of virus, and then you touch your mouth or your nose where the coronavirus can get inside your body.    


So it’s very important to wash our hands with soap and water to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t stick to us. 

Activity: Super soap!

Mode: Experimentation

Time: 15 min


Why are we washing our hands so much? 

17. Super soap!

What You Need

A small bowl




A sink  


How To Play

Dirty hands + pepper = pepper stuck to your hands

1.  Fill your bowl with water and set it down.

2.  Now, shake lots of pepper into the water. Today, we’re pretending the pepper is the coronavirus!

3. Stick your finger into the water.  What happens? Did you get pepper on your finger?

Clean hands + pepper = no pepper on your hands

4. Now, let’s wash our hands with soap and water. The right way to wash your hands is for at least 30 seconds.  Practice singing happy birthday (twice!) while you wash your hands. Make sure to get all that pepper off! Make sure you get soap all over your hands, the front, the back and in between all your fingers.  When you’re done,  rinse them with water.


5. Now, dry them off, and let’s go back to your bowl of water and pepper. 


6. Stick your finger back in.


7. Now what happened?  Did you get pepper on your finger? (hopefully, no) Where did all the pepper go? (Far away to the other side) Why do you think that happened?!

The virus tries to avoid things it doesn’t like, like soap.  One thing that can help keep the virus away is when we wash our hands with soap and water! 

Join in the fun! It’s almost a manicure! Right?!

Parental guidance: Hand-washing while singing can spur some tangential conversations like: What other songs (about water?) could we sing while we wash our hands? 

Why can’t we visit ___?

Remember we learned about how the virus jumps, and how it can make people feel sick.


If ___ gets sick, they won’t feel well, would you want that?


But it IS nice for people to know you’re thinking of them when you can’t see them. What are some ways you can make sure people know you’re still thinking of them?


See what your kid says. If they don’t suggest it themselves, you can suggest “Should we make them presents?”

Activity: Craft inspiration

Mode: Art

Time: Variable


Why can't we visit ___?

18. Craft inspiration

What You Need

Whatever craft supplies you have on hand

Some ideas:

Toilet paper rolls

Construction paper

Magazine pages





Pipe cleaners

Googly eyes



1. Corona badges (from question 8) to send your very important neighbors


2. Paper flowers to send to people in the hospital


3. Design a new virus--maybe it’s the wiggle bug or another funny bug!


4. Turn your empty tissue boxes into monsters


5. Toilet roll binoculars to help you get a closer a look at what’s going on outside

For all you TP hoarders out there, do yourself a favor and look up Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.

What do YOU know about the coronavirus?

Grown-ups, we’re turning this around and letting your kid be the expert for once! 


This activity is an opportunity for your kid to tell you everything they’ve learned about the coronavirus. 


It can also be an opportunity for you to learn more about what your kid is thinking and feeling.

Activity: Sock Puppet Expert

Mode: Imagination

Time: 15 min


What do YOU know about the coronavirus?

19. Sock Puppet Expert

What You Need

One old sock per participant

Items to decorate--buttons, glue, yarn, or stickers if your kid won’t freak out when they come unstuck

How To Play

1. Lay out your socks 


2. Decorate them however you’d like.  Name them! Then put them on your hands and start talking!


3. The grown-up can kick it off. Use a funny voice, and play it up! Ask “Why are we all stuck inside?”


4. Follow the conversation from there. Think like a kid. Ask your kid follow-up questions they might ask, like “is the virus big or small?” “Then why can’t I see it?”


5. See what they say. Are  you impressed with what they’ve learned? Tell them so!

Parental guidance: Level up! Introduce your sock to friends on a video call! Does a third puppet get decorated? As the virus or as a doctor, perhaps?

That's all for now!

Keep repeating these activities until you’re allowed to go back outside! Any great inspiration for new activities or questions we haven’t answered, please send them our way on Instagram @whyareweallstuckinside or to! Tag us in your photos and share our kit with your friends.

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