Core Activity 4

Block it out!

Mode: Art + Imagination

Time: 15 min (Crafting + Playtime)

Why are people wearing masks?

People are wearing masks to cover their nose and their mouth.  


You use your nose to breathe and smell things, and when you do that, you can breathe in air that might have the virus in it.  


You use your mouth to eat and breathe too. You could also eat something that the virus might have touched.    


So when people are near each other, they cover their nose and mouth with a mask so they don’t breathe air with the virus in it and so the virus doesn’t enter their body. 

Why are people wearing masks?

Activity: Block it out!

What You Need

An old t-shirt

(Size 3T works great for our 1.5-4.5 year old testers)

Decorating materials (optional)

How To Play

Make your mask:


1. Grown-up, help your kid cut out their mask from the old t-shirt using our guide below. This is obviously a toy, not a medical implement. 

2. Decorate the mask with stickers or markers


3. Put it on! Make sure it’s covering your kid's nose and your mouth.


4. What does it feel like to wear the mask? 


Experiment with your mask:


5. Snacktime: Try eating your snack without moving your mask away from your mouth.  What a silly idea!  Why didn’t that work?


[Because the food won’t be able to get through your mask!]  Your food is too big to squeeze through the mask, like most viruses.

6. Funky smells: Collect 2-3 things that have strong smells (coffee? An orange slice? Spices like rosemary?) and bring them to the table. 


7. Smell each of them without your mask.  Is it easy to smell them? 


8. Now put your mask back on. Try smelling them again. Is it easier or harder to smell the smells?

1. Lay t-shirt flat

2. Cut off sides

3. Unfold

4. Cut

5. Tie on

Smells can sneak through. Can you see a smell? They’re kind of like germs--invisible! So masks aren’t total protection--some things can still get through them. ​ But masks are still important--they help keep people safe from a lot of things that can't get through!

Adults turn to have fun: There's no cheating at charades with a mask on. Record a 20-second charade and share it with your friends. First person who guesses it right goes next.

Parental guidance: Once the mask is on, milk it!  Maybe your kid is a pirate now? Maybe they want to create a pirate outfit to go with the mask?

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