Why are we all stuck inside?

In the kit you will find activities that will get your little kids moving, creating, experimenting, and even cleaning! All while answering the tough questions about coronavirus.


What do you need?

Nothing that you don’t already have. We’ve built these activities so that anyone can do them wherever they’re stuck inside.


Who we are:

Designers, parents, and kids at heart.

Hey grown-ups!

We’re so happy you’re here and we think you’ll be glad too!  

It’s been a few weeks since the Coronavirus upended routines and locked us all in our homes. The danger is outside, but for those with little kids, the chaos is inside. Whining,  warfare, and preparing for snacktime every 17 minutes!


For me, Amalia, it’s been non-stop action, and lots of questions from my two small children to explain what I barely understand: Why are we all stuck inside? How long will it last? How did this happen?


So I had this idea--a story-like approach to answering my kids’ questions, paired with activities to teach and entertain them. I called in some creative, playful friends, and we raced to put together this survival kit. 


We’ve built these activities so that anyone can do them wherever they’re stuck inside.  We’ve limited “props” to the very basics. We’re counting on parents’ creativity to adapt for supplies and space (got finger paint or a yard? Lucky you!) 


Our guidance is simple: let the activities play out. Follow your kids’ lead, ask lots of questions, and let them make a mess sometimes--nothing in here will truly destroy your home. And...you’re not having guests over anyway!


If your kid doesn’t play along, change it up. Dress up instead of draw. Set a timer or put on some music to motivate everyone. Or just give them the crayons and leave the room!


Email us (whyareweallstuckinside@gmail.com) or DM us on Instagram @whyareweallstuckinside if you have ideas, feedback, photos or questions!


Let’s have some fun! We all deserve it. 


And sometime soon, we’ll remember the days we were all stuck inside.




(from the trenches)


(aspiring parent)


(kid at heart)


(black belt in crayons) 

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