Why are we all stuck inside?

How to use this kit

This kit provides activities to help answer your childrens' questions about the Coronavirus. We intend for this to be a jumping off point for your creativity, so adjust for your kid's personality and what you have on hand.


Tag @whyareweallstuckinside in your pictures (wins AND fails!) Have fun!


Core Activities

Activity 1

Why are we all stuck inside?

The virus "jumps"!

Activity 2

What is the coronavirus?

Corona Crown

Activity 3

What does it mean to be infected?

The Wiggle Bug

Activity 4

Why are people wearing masks?

Block it out!

Activity 5

Why  did ___ get canceled?

Coronavirus Olympics

Activity 6

How do you cure the coronavirus?

Lemonade Laboratory

Activity 7

What do YOU know about the Coronavirus?

Sock puppet expert!

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